Small testing equipment for electricity meters checking STE

The testing equipment STE is a small portable equipment for checking, adjustment and measurement of all types of electricity meters. It consists of the single phase signals generator PPS, the working standard WS and compound connecting stand PHS. It is possible to check precision of the meters using this system directly at the customer´s premises. The system is provided in three individual and robust portable cases, suitable also for individual usage.


Power source PPS highlights

  • Rough and fine smooth current adjustment;
  • Output current indication;
  • Galvanic isolation of voltage and current outputs;
  • Zero values of the output voltage and current with the first switch-on;
  • Voltage outputs U and U1/2 create galvanically isolated line voltage;
  • Adjustable phase shif;
  • Temperature and current protection of the power stages;
  • Single phase power supply.

Working standard WS highlights

  • Equipment precision is determined by the precision of WS (0.1 % or 0.2 %);
  • Working standard is equipped with a high sensitive optical sensor of disc black mark or testing LED. The sensor has auto-calibration features and it supresses external light influences;
  • Working standard could be supplied along with a printer for testing protocols printing.

Connecting stand PHS highlights

  • Fixing arrangement is equipped with quick connection system;
  • Simple and fast assembling;
  • Executions: 1-phase with the possibility to connect three-phase meters or 3-phase execution.

Technical data

Voltage source
Output voltage (RMS value) 230 (220, 240) V / 115 (110,120) V, according to the line voltage
Power 80 W
Stability according to the line voltage
Distortion factor according to the line voltage
Accuracy according to the line voltage
Current source
Output current (RMS value) max. 120 A depends of the load type (see maximum currents)
Current ranges 2 A, 20 A, 120 A
Power 80 W
Resolution 1 mA for 2 A range
10 mA for 20 A range
100 mA for 120 A range
Stability according to the line voltage
Distortion factor according to the line voltage
Adjustment smooth – rough and fine
Phase Angle
Values -90°, -60°, -30°, 0°, +30°, +60°, +90°, +180°
Setting accuracy
Measurement accuracy
WS 2x20B 0,1 %
WS 2x20C 0,2 %
Dimensions/weight PPS 111: 410 x 350 x 175 mm/ 12,3 kg
WS 2320x: 410 x 350 x 175 mm/ 5,5 kg
PHS 11: 450 x 370 x 150 mm/ 7,3 kg