Electricity meter test equipment ELMA

Equipment enables due to modular concept to tailor specifications to specific laboratory demand.


  • The accuracy of the power and energy reference meter is available up to 0.01 %;
  • Extremely pure synthesized 4-quadrant test signal, covers the needs on both: precision and high capacity testing laboratories;
  • The intelligent high resolution Local Evaluation Units scanning the marks on meter's disk and passive sensors, scanning the LED test output of electronic meters;
  • The handling system has a capacity for several mobile meter trolleys with 20 tested meters each;
  • The optional electronically balanced Common Mode Rejecter Units enable simultaneous testing of electricity meters with interconnected current and voltage circuits;
  • The wireless data acquisition Hand-Held Unit, with integrated barcode laser scanner enables versatile local data acquisition from the tested meters;
  • The supplied Control Software for Microsoft Windows enables multilingual operation with user definable vocabularies;
  • Local net and database ensures automated data interchange, central evaluation and archiv in laboratories with multiple test equipments.

Technical data