DTS-353 1L/1M/2M for DIN rail, for active energy measuring, 7-module case

Electricity meters, type DTS-353 1L, DTS-353 1M and DTS-353 2M are simple and precise three-phase meters for active energy measurement. They are designed for secondary measurements of various appliances, offices and premises.


  • Easy assembly;
  • Simple connection and operation;
  • High accuracy.

Technical data

Precision class 1
Reference voltage [V]
3 x 230/400
Current range [A]
10 (100)
Reference frequency  [Hz]
Connection direct
Data display mechanical register - versions 1M and 2M;
LCD – version 1L
Number of displayed digits 6+1 – version 1L
6+1 – version 1M
5+1 – version 2M
Switching rates at execut. 2M
(switching from the rate T0 to the rate T1)
connecting an external voltage
to the terminals: 10 (230 V AC), 11 (N)
Starting current [A] ≤ 0,004 Ib
Power consumption 
≤ 0,6W; ≤ 0,3 VA verions 1L and 1M 
≤ 2W; ≤ 8 VA version 2M
Meter constant [imp/kWh]
Impulse constant output [imp/kWh]
EN61010-1(LVD directive), EN61326-1(EMC directive)
EMC environment* protected (level 2)
Weight [g] 390 – versions 1L and 1M
500 – version 2M

According to EN61000-4-4
- partial suppression of EFT/B (Electrical fast transient / Burst) in the power supply (1 kV) and control circuit (0,5 kV), which are switched only by relays (no contactors)
- physical separation of unshielded power supply and communication cables.

According to EN61000-4-5
- cables are well separated, even at short runs. Surge voltages may not exceed 1 kV.