AMCV M4-x8x(G), Mesh/RS485 converter

Converters Mesh/RS485 of AMCV M4-x8x(G) type are designed for collection of data from electricity meters in the distribution network equipped with RS485 interface and for their subsequent sending to the Mesh network.


  • Possibility to deliver the converter in LP (max. 10 mW) or HP (max. 500 mW) version regarding required range;
  • Converter can be parameterized as follows:
    router  - connected to a gateway of typu AMCV M4-C8HG (pict. 1) or AMCV MU-C8HG (pict. 2);
    gateway – allows data collection via AMCV M4-C8H  router, connection to a PC via USB/RS485 converter, e. g. AMCV U4;
  • Possibility to supply other network components from the external supply output + 5 V;
  • In order to improve the impact, it is possible to replace the standardly delivered antenna by an antenna with a cable equipped with SMA-male connector.

Technical data

Nominal voltage [V] 230 ± 10 % (Single-phase supply)
Converter´s internal consumption [W] max. 0,5
Number of nodes ISM - Mesh 256 (Depends upon network typology)
Number of nodes for RS485
32 (Optional up to 256)
ISM – Mesh communication [MHz] 868 - 870
Number of frequency channels max. 16
Output power [mW] for LP
Output power [mW] for HP

adjustable: 10mW/10dBm, 25mW/14dBm,        300mW/25dBm, 500mW/27dBm

Sensitivity [dBm]
- 106 (At 4800 bps at RF side)
Range for ISM Mesh for direct connection LP/HP [m]
typ. 100 / 2 000
Range for ISM Mesh in buildings with obstacles LP/HP [m] typ. 30 / 100 
Antenna input of converter [ohm] 50 (SMA female)
RS 485 communication  Half-duplex (Twisted-pair)
Transmission speed [Bd] 9 600, 19 200
Insulation strength [kV] 4 (Device of Class II)
Length of line wire [m] 1 200
Line wire impedance [ohm] 100
Connection ARK508-3P 
External supply output [V/mA] 5/50 (Connection – terminal panel)
Dimensions w x h x d  [mm] 52 x 90 x 66
Temperature range [ºC] -10 to 65 
Relative humidity [%] 5 – 75
Weight [kg] 0,15